Impression 5 has issued a science challenge for families of all ages!  A hands on experiment from their Science Studio, families are tasked with designing and building their own marble ramps in the hopes of beating the best time.  All supplies are provided, and participants are encouraged to be as creative as they want as they engage both their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  So come on down to the expo tent on April 20 from 12-3 pm and see if you can beat the marble challenge! 



Welcome to MSU's Science Fest blog!  We'll be promoting some of our events and speakers, in the hope we can entice you and your family to come join us!  Who wouldn't want a chance to be hands on with an underwater robot?  All of our events are free, and there are plenty to pick from for the entire family.  So stay tuned!


    My name is Rachel Little and I am a physics undergrad at Michigan State University who loves writing!  See you at the Science Festival!


    March 2013